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Two women find each other in Holland, brought together improbably by a set of worn quilts, made by groups of women half-a-world-away who simply used what they had.

As a result of this meeting, which grew into a lifetime project for both of them, they discovered common roots and developed a unique friendship.

  • First there is An in wartime Holland, risking her life to help others – hiding a Jewish baby in her hand luggage while on a ferry that draws gunfire, and more such adventures.
  • Then there is Lynn, some 35 years later, discovering the quilts and searching for their owner and their stories.

The result is a patchwork of stories of women helping others, passing on the comfort.

The original English-language version of the book is entitled “Passing on the Comfort – the War, the Quilts and the Women who made the Difference”, Good Books, 2005.

 cover EN 200

The Dutch version followed three years later, in 2008, entitled “De Verbindende Kracht van Quilts, lappendeken van verhalen”, IMSC, 2008.

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The German version came out in 2016 under the title “Quilts Verbinden. Erzählungen van Krieg, beherzten Frauen und beseelten Decken”, IMSC 2016

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English version - Passing on the Comfort
ABC - The American Book Center -Amsterdam / Den Haag

Dutch version - Verbindende kracht van Quilts
ABC - The American Book Center -Amsterdam / Den Haag

German version - Quilts verbinden
Lesestof - Duitsland