DGWW (Doopsgezind WereldWerk) is a Dutch organization whose work began in 1695 as part of the General Commission for Foreign Needs and helped European co-believers fleeing from war to settle in the New World, including Pennsylvania.

The website www.dgwereldwerk.nl shows an inspiring scale of projects under the leadership of local partners spread over five continents. After the Second World War, a Foundation for Special Needs inside and outside the Mennonite brotherhood was created. The Mennonite Peace Group was formed around the same time.

In 2006, these two organizations decided to merge in order to strengthen the cohesiveness of their work. Doopsgezind WereldWerk is a partner in the European relief organization International Mennonite Organization (IMO). MCC is the highly valued sister organization. In the Netherlands, DGWW works together with Church in Action, Church and Peace, Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Quakers.