Quilts Gallery

There are still a few quilts left. They were used as bedding for Ukrainian refugees in An and Herman Keuning’s home. Photos of these quilts offer silten witness throughout the book.

They were made primarily of pieces of good cloth, saved, sorted and selected by the women to make something new which still bore a personal touch – often the cloth was made of clothes worn by the family, an carried memories.

Sometimes, though, these very personal handmade blankets were given away to strangers in need. Several of the quilts and comforters that An received from the MCC office were made long before 1945. They’re probably family quilts, normally passed form one generation to the next. Yet for some reason they were donated to help strangers when help was needed.

Here you see an overview of the twenty quilts An saved and cherished. They make up the exhibition “Passing on the Comfort.”

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