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Overview of previous exhibitions


January 27-29

Annual memorial for the victims of national socialism -St. Lamberti Lutheran Church in Oldenburg

The Lutheran Church in Oldenburg marked this annual memorial event by hosting the exhibition “Passing on the Comfort”. An open quilting bee was held at the same time.
For a photographic impression of the weekend and to read the sermon which was prepared by pastor Silke Oestermann in German, see here….



November - December 2016 - Netherland
Year of the Refugee - Mennonite church in Roden
The foundation East West Contacts participated in this specially designated year of the refugee by exhibiting original quilts given for use by refugees in 1945 and provided several quiltmaking workshops for newcomers/refugees and residents of the city Noordenveld.

Mennonite church - Padkamp 2B - 9301 AX Roden
A selection of photos from the exhibit plus press release and other information in Dutch can be found here…..

September – France
European Patchwork Convention, St. Marie aux Miné.
Largest annual European conference takes place in 4 Amish villages in the Alsace. Visitors: 20,000+ from all over the world.
For more info, see Patchwork Europe

July – Germany
Sommerfest Millers Quilting, Mittenwalde
For more info, see Miller Quilting

June - Duitsland

Nadelwelt, Karlsruhe
Every spring, Karlsruhe becomes a paradise for patchwork and handwork enthusiasts , with vendors, art and cultural exhibitions and extensive workshops. Visitors: 20,000
For more info, see NADELWELT.

June / September
Museum “Hoge Land “ – Warffum (NL)

November / December
Museum  “in ’t Houten Huis “ - De Rijp (NL)
Museum “Het Walhuis Jan Boon “De Rijp (NL)
Shown together with exhibits „Doopsgezind mijn Passie“ and „De Diaspora“

August / September
Mennorode - Elspeet (NL)

July / August
Mennonite Church – Steenwijk (NL)

Quilters Convention - Berlin (DE)

March / May  
War History Museum - Kiev, Oekraïne

February / April
Mennonite Church - Joure (NL)

April / May
Mennonite and Reformed Church - Drachten (NL)

January / February
Canisius Church - Nijmegen (NL

July / September
Mennonite Church – Witmarsum (NL)

November 2008 - March 2009
Quilts – „Kunst mit Q“ – Fries Museum, Leeuwarden (NL)
The quilts were part of this massively attended exhibit.

The quilts were collected in Pennsylvania and brought home to Friesland by Wiske Beuker and Afke Kuipers

MCC Traveling Exhibit to “Meet the Makers” in USA and Canada

MCC Traveling Exhibit to “Meet the Makers” in USA and Canada
Wanderausstellung in USA und Kanada

Launch of the MCC Traveling Exhibit to “Meet the Makers” in Akron and Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA)  plus presentation of the book “Passing on the Comfort”

American Women's Club House, Den Haag (NL)

Menno Simons‘ 500. Birth Year Celebration plus MERK (Mennonite European Regional Conference) was held in the Netherlands.
The quilts were shown in several Mennonite churches.

At MERK, Broederschapshuis Mennorode – Elspeet  (NL)
Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts – Hoorn (NL)

Mennonite Congregation – Eindhoven (NL)

Public Library– Landsmeer (NL)
Surhuisterveen (NL)

DoRe-Congregation, Koningsweg – Alkmaar (NL)

First official exhibition at American Discount Book Center -  Amsterdam (NL)


Upcoming Exhibitions

The “Passing on the Comfort” traveling exhibit includes the original 20 quilts donated in 1945 plus information panels and a short film with interviews. The exhibition is always supported by the accompanying book to take home, savor and share.
A well-known Amish/American quilting teacher, Esther Miller of Millers Quilting (link), organized a tour for the exhibition past three European venues in 2016. See Previous Exhibitions for details and photos.

2018 May 10-13 - France

Merk 2018, Montbéliard, Frankrijk.

Merk 2018